Duskmoon Hills

These high, jagged hills are lightly forested and veined with small creeks that flow down into the Penprie Forest, the Oldrock River, and the Sinnar Ocean. The hills extend for nearly 50 miles west of the map’s edge, and pose a considerable impediment to travelers from the northeast. A narrow road, called Fool’s Pass, winds its way through the hills and, after exiting near the Oldrock River, eventually meets up with Trader’s Way. Occasionally, merchants wishing to shorten their traveling time use Fool’s Pass to cut as much as two weeks off their journey to Endhome. But, as the pass’ name suggests, this is not always the wisest choice.

The Wizard’s Library – Nestled at the base of the Duskmoon Hills is 50ft tall, spire-shaped stone tower.

The Caves – This spot marks the location of the caves once inhabited by an Orc tribe.

The Dragonspire – A conical shaped peak in the Duskmoon Hills known as the Dragonspire.

Duskmoon Hills

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