The Caves

Area 1-1: The Front Doors
The orcs managed to fashion a set of heavy wooden doors in the entrance
to their caves. Above the portal are the words, “Tread not or be crushed.”

Area 1–2: Stairs
A set of wide, crumbling stone steps twist downwards to the north.

Area 1-3: Entry Cave
The floor of the cave has been decorated with a mosaic pattern that forms a kind of rug of stones stretching to the north and east. Along the north and east walls, 15ft from the floor, are four natural platforms.

Area 1-4: The King’s Cave
The mosaic carpet that started in Area 1-3 continues into this large cave, and terminates in a disturbing pattern at the feet of a rough, stone throne atop a two-foot high stone dais. The cave is littered with bones and offal. A pile of straw and a small box of animal carcasses are tucked in the northeast corner.

Area 1-8: Ratling Outpost
This cave was guarded by 2 ratlings.

Area 1-11: Vexper and Contra’s Cave
Contra and her giant rat Ben are lounging here along with 4 ratlings. There is an old straw mattress in one corner covered in animal furs, on either side of which is an overturned wooden box.

The Caves

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