Penprie Forest

This forest once covered most of the land between Gaelon River and the Duskmoon Hills, but years of timber harvesting have shrunk it some- what of late. The perimeter of the forest if fairly safe

The Abandoned Temple – At the edge of the Penprie Forest, along the east bank of the Oldrock River lies an abandoned temple. This old structure seems to have been built of very strong stuff, albeit very decayed with time. The temple is half-buried, sinking into the shoreline of the river as it changes its course over the decades. It is obvious that nothing has lived here in a long, long time. Tracks along the river appear to be those of a large animal, possibly a pig.

The Home of Gilda Wayentree – Gilda is a half-elf druid who lives on the outskirts of the Penprie For- est with her wolf companions Rinn and Rann. Gilda’s Hut: Her cabin is sparsely furnished with a wooden table for eating, two chairs, a rug, and a large fireplace. The room’s four windows all have heavy curtains to keep out the cold in the winter. Gilda has a sim- ple bed piled high with blankets once the fall comes.

Mysterious Crypt – Within the dense undergrowth, hidden beneath twisting vines and fall- en branches, is a small and ancient crypt. Its walls and roof are made of mortared stone, but its door, now ajar, is made of rotting wood. Written in Sylvan above the doorway --

Penprie Forest

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