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LOCATIONS: Basic information – encounter areas added once they have been sighted

Resources for this game: Swords and Wizardry Core, Lost City of Barakus (Adventure), Borderland Provinces (World/Setting).

Character Customization

Endhome – located at the intersection of the great north/south and east/ west trade routes
Farms and Grasslands – you don’t have to look far to find a farmer, merchant, or sojourner, as the roads are well traveled, the fields all well-tended
Penprie Forest – this forest once covered most of the land between Gaelon River and the Duskmoon Hills, but years of timber harvesting have shrunk it some- what of late
Duskmoon Hills – These high, jagged hills are lightly forested and veined with small creeks that flow down into the Penprie Forest, the Oldrock River, and the Sinnar Ocean

The Caves – Now occupied by a variety of monsters, these caves were once the home of a tribe of Orcs until the Town of Endhome sponsored their eradication.

Monstrous Creatures

Main Page

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