Farms and Grasslands

This area is populated and by and large not particularly dangerous. Char- acters don’t have to look far to find a farmer, merchant, or sojourner, as the roads are well traveled, the fields all well-tended. The areas outside the farmlands are generally a little less hospitable than those within the farm- land: the ground here is a bit rockier and less flat and there are fewer homes.

Jimmy Dean’s Tower – His tower stands at the northern crossroads along Trader’s Way. East of the Penprie Forest along the coast. The tower stands 80ft tall, and is 40ft round.

Logging Camp – This dismal area is nothing more than a collection of tents surround- ing a low wooden building.

Rosko’s Inns- Positioned about a day’s ride north (the Penprie Forest Inn) of and an identicle tavern to the west (the Farmer’s Rest Inn) of Endhome

The Water Caves
A series of tidal caves close to Roskos Inn

Quarrian’s Tower – This place is a ruined tower. The whole consists of an 80ft tall, 60ft square tower made of white stone, faced with decaying red marble, which is in turn overgrown with green ivy.

Farms and Grasslands

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