Being located at the intersection of the great north/south and east/ west trade routes and the mouth of the Gaelon River has made Endhome the trading capital of the continent. This independent city-state boasts a well-trained and highly disciplined guard that keeps the streets safe and hospitable for its many wealthy and influential visitors. Because of its steadfast neutrality, central location, and friendly port, Endhome is where the wealthy come from every nation to broker deals and form alliances. Though the riverbed and surrounding countryside provide the citizens of Endhome with ample food and resources, the city’s primary source of in- come is trade: every ship mooring in its harbor and every caravan passing through its gate must pay a small tax for the right to do business in this desirable location. Because it is the only city where merchants can buy or sell to other merchants from so many far off lands, the streets are always crowded with exotic travelers and businessmen looking to make their for- tune.

1. The City Gates -

All three city gates, known, simply, as the North, South, and West gates, are more or less identical: Stout, iron bound double doors capable of be- ing closed and barred at a moment’s notice, and manned by 2 foot sol- diers (see Defense of the City, above). Caravans must pay an entrance tax of 1gp per cart, or 3sp per beast of burden.

10: The Docks

Endhome maintains a large, clean, well-run dock and shipyard. All ships
pay a per-day docking fee. Dozens of rough men work the docks loading
and unloading the cargo ships. Given the density of sailors and laborers,
courtesans are commonplace in this area. Note that no less than eight guard
towers overlook the bay and shipyard. In case of a full-on naval assault,
wizards from the Academy could be summoned to the towers to rain down
fireballs (or worse) on incoming ships.

17: The Temple of Jamboor

Located in the heart of the slums, the Temple of Jamboor claims to
serve the miserable and less fortunate. Services here are held but once
a week, and are sparsely attended.

24: The Kings Road Inn

More commonly referred to simply as “Kings,” this large inn is a popular gathering place for travelers and adventurers. Rooms at King’s are 8sp per night, meals are 3sp. Horses can be stabled at the cost of 2sp per night.


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