Confident, careless, friendly, and fickle merchant; with a "ruby whistle"


He is noted for being very friendly but seeming bit careless, however he has done well for himself in trade so there is more to Csaay then meets the eye. Behind the friendly demeanor is a fickle merchant always looking for the next big deal.

Dress: Travelers Outfit on the road, self styled artisans outfit in town – though he has no craft Csaay always appears in public with the rugged clothes of a craftsmen. “Its useful”.


Csaay grew up on a small farm owned by his well regarded family. The life of a farmer didn’t call to him like the sea does. He has always been motivated to gain wealth, so mercantilism became his trade.

He employed Minksy Boots and the Boots Crew to body guard him on his long journey to Endhome. Were he will trade for a sea-worthy vessel for his next big deal.


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