The Lost City of Barakus

Session 6 - Dragon Riddle

The party meets The Flood Dragon who lives on the Dragonspire a few miles north of the caves in the Duskmoon Hills

The Dragon gives the Party a riddle – the party fails to decipher the dragons cryptic words and gets stranded by the flood of the Old-Rock river.

The Party is confronted by bounty hunters on the trail of Cassay, the merchant who they escorted from Noodlevil. Apparently he had stolen a item of great value from the town and was not actually selling fish to Endhome.

The party decided to leave behind Dermont, who ran deeper into the Caves away from the Dragon

The Party follows the Old-Rock river south on the west bank. While in the Penprie Forest they discover: A Mysterious Crypt, An Abandoned Temple guarded by an Evil priest in the form of a Giant demonic bore, and a Hut of the only Druid in the region “Gilda Wayentree”.

The Party has now returned to the comfort of Endhome



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